ALT criminality

Ths morning the task in hand is the burning of cds I have promised to friends.
Such is my Kocho-sensei's interest in my existance, that despite having two lenghy conversations with a teacher behind me , which meant that he was standing directly to my left, so close that I could have flicked him (now that would be funny, to just randomly flick him on his big red nose, and go "GOTTCHA !") , he never even noticed that i was blatently and shamelessly pirating cds.
I just wonder if, for even two seconds of the twenty or so months that I have been here,has he ever considered what I do with my time.
His disinterest goes so far beyond the yardsticks of vague that I could probably sit with a syringe in one hand while violently slapping my other arm and he'd still look ahead.
I believe my predecessor had a few run-ins with him, such as him insisting that she do some cleaning around the school, but to date we've only had one such encounter involving the situaton of my bike. His complaints were cut short by a Monday morning's weary slash *quite* grumpy response of "for fuck sake ! " and me walking past him, continuing in my tracks.
No, I agree, not very crassy and certainly not diplomatic, and gasp ! dreadfully unjapanese, but sometimes, it just escapes and before you know it, you have cussed your quite high-ranting superior.
Think before you speak has long been my new year's resolution, the implementation of which has been quite unsuccessful.
I do a good apology though, perfected with practice.