Japanese Baseball

I went to a Hawks baseball game last night and, I gotta say, I really like Japanese baseball. Rather, I should say that I really like it but with one qualification; that it isn't really baseball. Yeah, I know, I am sure to get some people telling me, "Well what about the players, Matt?" and "So, is that a tennis ball that they play with?" Of course everyone, I know that I am trwading sacriligious grown on the oh so religious path that is the typical Japanese life, but "No," I say, "Japanese baseball is certainly not baseball."

Here a few brief rules to let you know when you are not watching a real baseball game:

1)There are no peanuts, but there is plenty Squid Jerky.
2)When the opposing team get a whole cheering section (with 12 piece orchestra).
3)When more than 5 fans in the whole ball park know the team song.
4)When "seamen-like" ballons signify the climax of home team fan support.
5)When half the stadium empties out after the 7th inning in a tied 1-1 game.
6)And don't even get me started on the whole army of Kirin/Asahi, neon clothed, legions trying to get you to drink 700 yen beer.

With all of that said, the game was good fun and ended the best possible way (that a meaningless preseason game could): Bottom of the ninth, Hawks won with a double to right, bringing in the runner on second.