just sittin'

for somethin' to happen.
the san-nenseis have all left, and I've just finished my bento. The "proper" san-nensei teachers are all outside taking a group photo (did I mention that I teach six of the seven san-nensei classes?), while I sit here and be a unconsequential one-up-from-the-caretaker-boys at the second to last run of the school hierarchy.
Anything else worth commenting on ?
Special needs teacher who sits across from me is wearing quite a daring shade of pink eyeshadow.
mister push-a-lot diagonially to my right is talking rathar loudly with his mouth full, several pounds of rice forming a convincing bulge in his left cheek. Thankfully he's far enough away to not be spitting rice at me.
OH the binoculars have just appeared.
Why do I suddenly feel as if I'm at the races ?
Similar in ways, lots of running, although no one is carrying anyone else on their back not in this staffroom anyway, men shouting with outstretched arms, dressed up ladies, people peering through binoculars...........
Or not.
I can feel an emergency visit home coming on, to wash my dishes, and do a bit of tidying.