A Message From Prince Amit

firstly - i have to say an individual congrats to sean and uyen..iv
congrtualed you sean on the phone but i havnt had the chance to see your
(soon to be millionnaire football , as in soccer, player) son yet...and i am
really looking forward to seeing your family...wow..its a family now...its
amazing how words can have so much meaning..

second - i dont really know erin that well...but i kinda , albeit, very
slightly know what shes going through as i had a friend who died as well a
month and a half ago due to cancer....i know she wont be reading this..but
im not really a religious person and i guess im losing my faith
actually...but i do wana share with her the my feelings and i hope she can
find some light in what must be a dark tunnel...good luck girl..one cant
imagine what your going through or want to imagine for that matter...and
even though there isnt a solid reason for why this has happened we have to
take this and accept it and learn from it and cherish the times we had with
our lost ones...


im typing my first blog on a tuesday morning, 12.30am, because my school
computer had a techincial failure, and i have lost all the ideas and wit and
points of critisism i had aimed at some people and now i have to start
afresh with new ideas and new wit and new critism aimed at new people...

what i must do is applaud sarah for her oh so gracious end and thank her for
her introduction of me..duan juan...indeed...slightly overated...me that
is...i still havnt convinced sarah to reply to my emails yet so i mustnt be
that powerful concerning the senoritas...(this thursday mi senorita bonita?)
i enjoyed reading ur blog..and i miss your mexican food with a passion!!!!!

ok so this is a blog...bi-sexual - lesbian - or - gay .(i am neither..is
neither used when given a choice of four or is it only used for two...any
proffessional teachers out there to help?)...am surprised homosexuals havnt
used the word blog as an advertisment for their promotional activities...

this is the problem of writing a blog in the wee mornings ...your fingers
tend to type with a bit more courage and a lot less structure...i guess i
owe it to myself to write a one week blog because i just havnt made myself
be heard this year...i guess there are more important people willing to take
on the role as leader and look after us little-uns so i can lurk in the
shadows..until today!!

so what did i do today...? mmm..ina nut shell...one of my friends is leaving
soon to canada so i went to spend some time with her in fukuoka and then i
went to model agency in fukuoka to make sure that my head could grow a
little bigger...one of their managers stopped me int eh streets on sat and
asked me to visit them , so as i was in fukuoka anyway ..i thought what the
hell..i need the money..oh i NEED the money...and so i went...he wants a
portfolio of me (fully clothed)..and incase they need tv commercials or
posters with a foreigner..well they have a brown pimple faced big nosed
indian to represent the gaijin cmmunity...who says statistics lie...!

anything else? yeah, i have an embarressing hole in jeans...can anyone
stitch? i wont pay you but i promise il write less tomorrow...

p.s. any intersting topics you want me to discuss about..as i dont really
know and dont claim to know shit about the world i will love to add my
opinion on the curent opec oil prices or mr bush or the more important
debate of wether men should trim or not....

p.s.2 - if you do, and i mean rarely, get bored in the office..i mean staff
room..and if ur feeling lonely..or if you just dont have any friends and you
need a hobby...heres a website for you... www.soyouwanna.com

it has all the exciting dreams from how to snowboard,fake appreciation fo
the arts, to how to get a weird piercing to ...(an di know some of you will
love this...)...how to get a sex change..you know you wanna check that one
out now dont u.......and guess what you can learn each in five easy steps!!!

until tomorrow...shit iv written so much..matt...can i get off writing on
tueday now...>
joke dude!

i leave you all with a famous quote ( i notice a lot of you jetters like to
leave quotes at the end of your messages..) ..well a famous one from myself
. and let me say, just as inspirational...

"class of 1999, no matter what the stripper tells you, there is no sex in
the champagne room..oh theres champagne in the champagne room..but you dont
want champagne..you want sex...but theres no sex in the champagne room"
chris rock