Nice one doc !

I'm just back from a trip to the hospital to investimagate vaccinations and how much it'll cost me to armour my body for a battle against hungry mosquitos and the like.
It was the same lady doctor as last year but I hadn't remembered her being so nice.
Last year I felt annoyance with her because (a) I didn't understand a word she said, and (b) she was insistant that I didn't need most of the injections which several medical websites insisted upon having.
So, I don't know if it was because of her new hair-cut or if she's taken up yoga, or if I have learned to be more patient, but I found her to be most pleasant.
Very pleasant, talking quite slowly in comprehendible Japanese, busting out a calculator to tot up how much it was all going to cost, throwing in a few compliments ("your face is thiner"-ten points- "you are a good teacher"-five points, HOW she'd know this , I don't know, but I wasn't going to start questioning her; "You have naraimasu-ed a whole lot of Japanese"-three points, detected a lie because they were times when I blatently didn't understand her) and encouraging me to phone the hospital myelf when I'm ready to have the jabs. "all you have to say is O-NI-YA".

Did I mention how pleasant she was ?
Perhaps I have been unfortunate with the doctors I have dealt with to date, with most of them acknowledging you only to let you know that you would never be worthy of the steam off their piss.
anyway, ODA hospital, sky road, Kashima for all your anti-rabies and self-esteem needs !