question for the boys

I have just noticed that my nicer-than-thou teacher who sits next to me (let me just clarify that he is not one of the "nouveau-nice teachers", whose former rankings as inconseuqential were greatly improved upon the morning of my "homebaked"costco muffins and cookies sale in aid of the good old sri lanka trip-those who bought are now "nice" teachers; those who i liked before but who resisted my treats are no-longer nice; those who were nice before, who bought loads and who let me keep their change are halo-wearers and almost guaranteed a mention in my will. In conclusion, my next-door teacher is a saint, having thrown two thousand yen at me for three hundred yen worth of cookies. He is a very good man now that i have an incredible low tolerance for meanness and people with "preferred charities which doesn't include the habitat one")
has a keyring with the following on it
Would any man use such a keyring if it were given to him, in the same way you'd carry a free "I got this from the Dolly Parton honourary member fanclub" because it's such a trivial thing to think about that, you've better things to do with your thinking time and afterall, it's just something to keep your keys together?
Or, perhaps the teacher doesn't understand it but I reckon that the word "sex" is universally understood.
OR does he in fact understand what's said on it and is proud to proclaim that he has high sexpectations.
any thoughts ?