no, not really.
actually,graduation was a rathar uninspiring ceremony.
I didn't cry, nor did I did i, at any specific moment, feel moved to the point that i was close to tears, so my tear ducts obviously found the whole thing not worth the bother.
I did discover that the new shinkanzen Nagasaki line will pass through Ureshino and not Kashima as was hoped, which I think is a little absurd, considering that Ureshino doesn't even have a local train line, never mind an express line, but it will soon have a bullet train stop. Soon it will take you ten seconds to get to saga from ureshino, and it'll only cost you five man for the priviledge. I suppose it's good lobbying by the Ureshinoians. Once you get off the shink in Ureshino, you have no choice but to stay there, coz there ain't no way out baby.
Kashima seems frozen with it's seventies supertown days a mere memory, with little hope for the future. Bit sad really.
right, off i go to take some photos