Sweetest Thing.

So, I'm not ashamed of it,.. Yeah, I give my student a lot of candy. The thing is, I know that I could give them pencils, or stickers, or whatever... but all that stuff just sucks. Give a stessed out, puberty burderdened, under thrilled Japanese teenager some chocolate, and they will definately annoy you less the next class you have with them; And that's a fact.

But, there are some teachers at the school who have expressed problems(never to me of course) with the fact that I dispurse candy with a free hand for good english works (inside and out of the classroom). There are some who would wish to stop me from damaging the dental hygeniene of our daily charges. There are some, I suspect, who would like to have the candy for themselves (cue dasterdly music)....

Well, I say, this will not stand. This cannot last. I will not give in. Damn the orders, ignore the kyoto sensei, give the envious social studies teacher the evil eye, and say, "I am an ALT, and I will give candy to whomever I wish."