tea lady cleverly disguised as....

I don't seem to have any classes today which is not at all unusual for me. On average I clock up about six classes a week which leaves ample time for paperwork and general time-wasting. But it seems as though i'm not the only one in the staffroom who hasn't a whole lot to do, because most days my lady kyoto-sensei makes tea for everyone, and brings it to each of us slackers' desks, sometimes with a little treat. Today the brew of choice was jasmine, and might i tell you all that it was most delicious. It gives the staffroom a hint of that friday afternoon buzz, with people shuffling in drawers for chocolate almonds and the like. a little bit of niceness.

I have just discovered that there's a second year basketball tournament going on which is great news because, today, of all days, I decided to bust out a skirt. My skirt would certainly restrict my play, which on normal trouser-wearing days is poorer than poor, so my dignity, anticipating a good bruising, has come to the conclusion that today is not a day for participation sports.

HadI known this morning that sports wear would be suitable I'd be there, sitting on the stage, dangling my runner-clad feet in the air, imitating interest, whooping intermidantly, hoping that dastardly tall boy who I greatly dislike's team will be beaten to a pulp....
but....I think fate is telling me that I should remain at my throne, fighting sleep urges.

It does make me think back to the good old November conferences, and great expectations that a reunion between JTEs and ALTs and the airing of each others' professional short-comings would bring about great positive changes in the workplace. MY ARSE !
Out of my six english teachers, three have been to this conference, and it continues on a regular basis that I never know what is going on. Since the conference I had a mini crying/frustration tantrum where I was quite clear that it was important for one teacher to take thrity or so seconds to write/say such messages as "aine, teacher's photo tomorrow, be at school at eight".

How do we think that an educational system which refuses to evolve itself can be changed by mostly un-qualified young foreigners who mostly have no professional experience and whose whole ethos is contrary to the Japanese ?
NOTHING changes, at least not in my school.
In the words of a very tall Californian/Iranian former AlT:
"Dude, just don't take it (the teaching) seriously, just kick-back ! "

over and out.