Aine and Dave,
Thank you very much for your hard work these past two weeks. I know that I, and others, have enjoyed reading your thoughts over the past few weeks. So thank you for taking the time to write thoughtful and insightful things for all of us to gracefully waste our day away.

Up next is Sarah in Takeo. Sarah, I am sure that next week will be interesting, so thanks again for volunteering! I would also like to bring attention to the blogging schedule on the left side of the screen; The schedule has filled up quickly, with the latest addition of Greg Mackie, a former ALT, who now works at a Juku in the Karatsu area. So until Sarah starts posting next week I will be posting intermitently over the weekend with meaningless little ditties that you can take or leave (much like the rest of the site).

Site update: When I started the site I installed a way of being able to check how many people are looking at the site a day. Following the first 15 business days of entries on the site I am happy to report that the site has been veiwed by over 450 people and the average visitor to the site has returned 3-5 times. So, I thank the first two blog writers, Aine and Dave, and look forward to the interesting list of people who will be writing in the coming weeks.

Thanks again.