Always in the news is someone, somewhere demanding apologies, making apologies, avoiding apologies. Lately, the topic of apologies seems to be popular in the news. Last week, I heard over the radio Rush Limbaugh made an apology for language he used during his radio show. Rush apologized if anyone was offended by his language. (I’m paraphrasing there as I don’t have the quote exactly).

I hate apologies like this. This is NOT an apology. Excusing someone for their response, reaction, or behavior is not an apology. I hear this so often from people—“I’m sorry if you were hurt.” “I’m sorry if you were disappointed.” “I’m sorry if you were upset.”

What we need to start saying is, “I’m sorry that I was such a dumb-ass.” “I’m sorry that I was a dickhead.” “I’m sorry that I forgot your birthday.” There is a difference between, “I’m sorry I ran your mother over with my car.” And “I’m sorry you were upset that your mother got ran over by my car.”

A real apology takes ownership for what you have done. It has nothing to do with excusing the other person’s behavior. It absolutely irritates me to hear an apology that excuses how I felt or how I reacted. I’d rather the so-called apology not even be uttered. So please, take ownership of your wrongdoing, and apologize appropriately and maturely.

So on this note, I would like to make a public apology to Joe T. in Ariake. About this time last year, we got into a heated debate regarding the now-deceased-but-sometimes-resurrects Listserve. And I was rather juvenile in my responses to him. So Joe, I’d like to apologize if you were irked by my comments to you.


Seriously, I do apologize for my immature behavior then. I shouldn’t have acted that way.

And I want to thank you, Joe. Through the Listserve, you informed us about Air America Radio, which is the Left’s answer to conservative talk radio. And even though I was an opponent of using the Listserve for non-ALT issues, I’ve greatly benefited from your email. Thanks for that Joe!