the gym....a new form of enlightment for japanese

whenever i seem to get pissed off with the seems i need to do something about it. well apart from annoying the neighbours and playing loud rap (all part of the internationalisation role of our jobs) i have just joined the local gym - local ...meaning i have to drive around 20 minutes to go to imari. it is a small gym, with three tread mills and 6 bicycles with a random weights that are weighted from 1 - 16 rather than the more useful "kg" you have no idea what you are lifting. the gyms here seem to be much mroe sociable here than back home in england. back home the brits play their squash and then hang around in the sauna. its amazing surburbia london seems to cultivate a very boring bourgois society that only allows boring, squash playing and hang out in the gym bar after a hard days work. i have tried to socialise with these special people of a "higher" class but unfortantely i have failed and all i can do is stare at the tv while i pant my way across the 1km mark ont eh tread mill...however here, the gym seems to be another japanese society where once you put pen to paper, you are welcomed, given the special tour and then make polite conversation with the general staff and even more polite conversation with the old power grannies...leading to gym member enkais...

people might jump to conclusions and say im there for the women, but actually the gym has provided me a form of seclusion away from the stress of life (is that some kind of oxymoron with our jobs). it might not be a rich art like aikido or shodo (which i do from time to time) but its a sense of belonging to something which gives routine and maybe if your really good, an extra muscle and inner that going too iv gained weight like i need to work that!!!!

anyway i guess u have hanami to do this week...even though theres no cherry blossom ...just drink safe and play dirty