hanami , enkai , no school...do we need any more reasons to get drunk?

i can imagine many people wont be reading any of this, because of the fact that many schools are mostly empty, and if you dontlive in saga city, and you supervisors are nice, then you can easily take a whole week off...unlike me. i have decided to take my job seriously and at least amke an appearence...i cant believe im getting paid to arrive at 11 and leave at 12, with an hour of football to mark down as my hard days work! actually today i left at 2. the football training was pretty intense, and i had to leave.
so i also assume many of you have enkais today. likewise i have an enkai to go to. i hope i dont sit next to my vice principle, who needless to say has the charm and personailty of a sponge. he just soaks all ur energy out of you!! i refuse to get into conversation with him, as it it one way, and it as my teachers say "kimochi warui". well...it is so sunny, and i do not wish to remain typing indoors, and therefore im going to go outside and maybe have a drink or two by myself near the space centre before the drinking ceremony. wow, when do you ever say that in one sentence