Hi Gramma!

When I was in first grade of primary school, at least once a week, I’d call my gramma to talk. I could talk forever and ever, and my gramma was always so interested in what I had to share! This one time, we were talking…you know…about all the important issues that a seven year old has: what I learned at school…what I ate for lunch…with whom I played at recess…what my nemesis, Joey Gagliardi, did to annoy me…what I made in art…and how many stars I earned that day. We had been talking for at least fifteen minutes when I asked about my cousin Bridget.

And Gramma asked, “Who?”
And I said, “You know, cousin Bridget.”
And Gramma asked, “Who?”
And I said, “Cousin Bridget!”
And Gramma said, “You don’t have a Cousin Bridget.”
And I said, “Yes, I do! Aunt Susie’s daughter—Bridget!”
And Gramma asked, “Who is Susie?”
And I said, “AUNT Susie!”
And Gramma said, “Huh?”
Finally, I asked, “Is this Gramma Vlach?”

Oops. I had the wrong number.