Honestly--I'm Just Curious!!

There is a difference between communication and expression. At a minimum, everyone here can communicate across language barriers. Right? We do it everyday. But expressing oneself across language barriers is different than communicating. It is my observation that there are a number of guys (I mean that in the gender sense of the word) who not only can express themselves eloquently but who find passion in doing so. The website is choc full of proof of your guys’ intellectual passions to discuss, to question, to challenge—not just to each other but yourself as well. You enjoy using large words. You relish in citing obscure academic works and websites. You’re talented in making sound and zealous arguments. Some of you amaze me at how much knowledge you know or at the very least have a thirst for. And the humor!!—So many of you have some real genius in the humor department! From basketball pools to religion to anti-matter and the universe…is there a topic out there that you don’t already have knowledge on or want to learn more about and discuss?????

This is what I don’t understand. And this is PURE CURIOSITY. Why do you have Japanese girlfriends? Assuming that you can’t express yourself in Japanese as well as you can express yourself in English, and assuming she can’t express herself in English as well as you can express yourself in English….How do you express yourselves to each other? Is it possible to express with your girlfriends these ideas and topics that you discuss on the website? Is it possible for her to express her views on these topics you obviously are driven to discuss? Aren’t these the kinds of discussions that allow two people to share and to discover each other? Are you curious to know what your girlfriend thinks about the expansion of the universe? Are you curious to know what your girlfriend thinks about God? Aren’t you interested in talking about books you’ve read or philosophies that contradict? Isn’t she interested in finding out what you think about history and its role in the future? How do you engage in an exchange of ideas?

Do conversations like the ones you have via the website occur in your relationship with your Japanese girlfriend? If so, can it be at the same level as amongst native English speakers? If not, how do you maintain a cerebral connection when expression is limited?

I’m just curious.