Hypothetical Senario

Lets say I am sitting in the teacher room across from a particularly annoying teacher. Lets, also, say that the fact that he is annoying has nothing to do with the story, but I thought that I would electronically bitch slap him anyway. Lets also say that the aforementioned ass-man just had a little tantrum about something having to do with uniforms. But, don't worry, it was resolved. Please don't fret.

Oh,... You'd like to know what the problem was? Or maybe you'd like to know the solution? Yeah, thing is, so would I. These four other teachers all came shuffling over to this poor soul who said exactly two things: "These uniforms! They have to change."

Everyone else nodded.

Then, more nodding.

A Grunt.... Another.... A caugh.... and then:

They all went back to their desks. Not another word spoken.
What's up with that? Was a decision made? What was the problem? I would like to know the answers to all these questions as well. But, I guess you need a Japanese passport to penetrate that "conversation"...