I'm stiff, lets begin....

First of all, some of you will know that Marianne in Higashioka was hospitalized over the weekend after doing her achilles. I'm sure you would all like to join me in wishing her a speedy recovery and all the best. I don't know if she has internet access in hospital, but her e-mail addy is marianne_lee@yahoo.com

sorry folks for the tacky title, but as the sagaaltblog has been banned since last friday by kencho due to "adult" "sex" content, I feel morally obliged to be be crass and rude. But really, I am very stiff today. Read on....

This is my first blog, I've never even written a diary so I am just going to ramble as thoughts come into my head. English literature, writing etc. have never been my strong points and it is a weakness I pity myself for. I'd love to entertain you with the vocabulary of Will Self ("who's he?" I hear the non brits say) , the charisma and wit of that bumbling buffoon Boris Johnson ("who's he?" I hear the non brits say), and the stylish innuendo-laced engrossment of a Brandon Edmonds or a Jon Mantle. But I can't. Thank you Matt for the Boris Johnson post last Thursday - Boris is hilarious and I am a massive fan. Check these out:

Sorry for not posting earlier, but us CIRs use the excuse that we "have lots of work to do" right now with the start of the new fiscal year. Not too much mind you, it's just that we are really lazy, badly organized and unmotivated like the rest of you. My desk is a shit tip and I've not the most productive person at the best of times. I also have an addiction to the internet, for news and football. My daily internet morning round normally takes me a good couple of hours and I very rarely actually do anything productive before lunch. This is what I do and this order. Everyday.
Arsenal News Review
newsnow (arsenal)
As The Sun newspaper don't update their webpage until midday, I normally look at that at lunch time. Monday's are generally my most internet intensive and enjoyable days as there is a mountain of Sunday newspapers to get through as well. Just in case you were wondering, the pages I really respect as a worthwhile read are the BBC and the Guardian/Observer.

As for "real CIR work", the majority of my work is translating but I do get the odd interpreting job. My work is both interesting and boring, depending on what I do. Most of the time it is incredibly boring. The highlights of my "work" time here have been interpreting and aiding dignitaires such as the Cambodian Secretary of State and his delegation of Cambodia Governors, the US Ambassador, the UK Consulate General etc. Naturally, most of these people have been to Yoshinogari. You should too. On the translation side, I've written letters from our Governor to dignitaries such as President Tommy E. Remengesau Jr. of the People's Republic of Palau, translated the names of Government departments/divisions/ranks etc., and lots of other stuff, most of which is really boring. In a nutshell, that is what the CIR in Kencho does. The CIR in Kencho is also a PA. For your information and eventual pleasure, I am currently working on the new Yoshnogari pamphlet. For those of you who have never been to "Japan's Angkor Watt" it is a must before you leave. It really is that bad.

I'd like to announce to all you out there who bailed out on the Saga Wanderers football team that we did Ceasars three "Vs". Well kind of. As with the War in Iraq, we didn't quite win all the battles, espceially the battle for hearts and minds, but we did via unconventional tactics sort of complete our objectives. In the actual competition, we finished second overall - losing 3-2 to those Fukuoka boys, drawing 2-2 with Oita and defeating our neighbours Nagasaki 2-0. A special mention must go to Lee "Ronaldinho" Rodgers for a superb goal, even though he himself said he didn't mean it. And Saga literally blew all opposition out of the water in the boat race, finishing in style by over 2 legs and 10 seconds. Pat on the backs go to myself, Josh, honorary Saga girl from Fukuoka because no girls from Saga went, Ollie and Tim. And the rest of the team. I'd also like to thank all the supporters from Saga who made the journey down to Oita to support us. Oh wait...
As to why I am stiff, my body is aching from football, and my hamstings are tight. Hope you aren't too disappointed.

Tomorrow is a very special day, so don't be suprised if the new Pope is unveiled tomorrow.
I've probs. left it too late to organize somewhere or something, but I'll be somewhere at sometime doing something in saga tomorrow night, celebrating getting another year wiser (one could almost say sagacious) and maturer. *Cough* I really hate organizing things like this so I'm sorry there is nothing concrete to say to you at the moment, except that if you can make it and you have some cash left in this final week in the run-up to pay cheques, I'd be good to see you out for one, two or however many I or yourself decide is appropriate for a tuesday night. Right now, there are a couple of options I am contemplating but need to go to the places tonight to check if they are doable: 1) NAOS beer hall tabenomihodai from 7ish 2) International Beer Nomihodai in Rebeers (Y2500 I think) 3) Some classy bar somewhere 4) The Celtic Heart for a nomihodai from about 8/8;30. It's an open invite and I'll let you all know tomorrow.

So until tomorrow, when you can expect more talk about me, adios.