Religion and God

I have been reading the dialogue that has been unfolding on the SagaJet Current Affairs forum about religion. I’ve been wanting to respond but find myself unable to type off a timely response. Contributions to this topic are coming in at rapid fire. And my thought process can’t keep up. So I thought I would save my response for this forum, where I can break up the different and diverse topics that have surfaced under the banner of “religion” into different and separate blogs, for example, I think that Religion and God are two different subjects.

First, I think this is one of the best conversations I’ve seen on this forum. At the risk of sounding condescending, which believe me is absolutely the opposite—I am very well impressed with all sides presented. I feel very humbled in my knowledge of the subject. And what I do know doesn’t hold a candle to some of the opinions already spoken. I will not pretend that I have any expertise or even the slightest education in religion. Even though my opinions are layman (no pun intended), perhaps the nature of their naiveté can make you go hmmm.

Josh—Dude, mad props to you for taking it on as the Lone Ranger. I am very impressed (not to mention pleasantly surprised) with your spiritual convictions. I really have enjoyed and learned from what you have shared. I’m rather disappointed that others haven’t piped in on your side of the divide.

Jon—Word up. Literally. Half the time I have no clue as to the words you are using…and when you string together a few of those big words, I’m really left clueless. Dictionary doesn’t help me either. I might as well be reading Japanese. I would never ever want to get into a battle of the minds with you—not only would you school my ass, I fear that I would somehow end up your indentured servant.

I’m going to leave it here and will write more later and throughout the week on this broad subject, breaking it down into different topics.