so it's my birthday

so no pope was decided on April 18th. My money is on April 19th (i.e. you'll read about it tomorrow) as there is now way they will select a pope on Hitler's birthday (20th). Or they shouldn't do at least, especially if they go for that Austrian bloke. I'd quite like to see that African dude get the shout - he seems to be adored by his faithful in Rome, and I just can't get my head round the idea of a pope Ratzinger. Down with those harsh sounding Germanic names! Italy and Europe right now is having massive problems with racism, especially in football against black players, so yes, I'd like to see the African dude get it.

April 19th and 20th are always quite strange news days. It's either the time of year or the country that is particularly fucked up. Your opinons please! Previous April 19th events include the Oklahoma bomb and Wako. April 20th Columbine. It's sort of a dissapointment waking up to no news or mad happenings.

But today, there is something....
Curtosy of Saga Wanderers stalwart and my future lawyer Adrian "the snow fox" Kerr, this was in my inbox.

"Alright lads, Am I correct in saying that the Fukuoka team were seen taking oxygen from tanks during the tournament on Saturday? If this is true, I refer you to These are the official FIFA rules of the game with reference to doping control. See page 18 and the appendix. In particular see Appendix A, M1(b) which clearly states that artificially enhancing the uptake, transfer or delivery of oxygen is prohibited. So if they were taking oxygen, is the trophy rightfully our`s? AK"

Now, I saw the Fukuoka team passing around a canister from which they were inhaling, and so did many other people there. Now, considering they were taking things way to seriously and being (namely their captain, who was the person I first saw with the canister) dicks, I think it is a fair bet to say that they weren't passing aroung laughing gas!

This is what Josh "I'm going to sleep in my car with my dogs as my dogs will be lonely otherwise" Novak had to say about the whole affair, and indeed I agree with him.

"Clearly an infraction of this nature, by not one, but SEVERAL of the team members, especially considering the tournament style of play, is an inexcusable offense. Clearly the Wanderers are justified both by rule and spirit of the law to proclaim themselves the TRUE victors of the Kyushu Cup. Considering much of our team took smoke breaks between matches, in attempt to the give other teams a fighting chance, Saga can be seen not only as the most skillful, but also most sportsmanlike team on the field; sacrificing our own oxygen uptake ability purely for the benefit of others. Fukuoka should hang their heads(or themselves) in shame!!!!! Might I suggest Seppuku as an additional punishment? It seems only fair...."

The irony of it all is that WE (yes...Saga) were booed when we went to collect our second place cup. (Incidentally, we smashed that cup already - or Josh's dogs did). Considering, much like Diana was the "[Tabloid] People's Princess", we were the "People's Team" last year, I was suprised that Saga was booed. I mean, people were cheering us on in our first match against Fukuoka... We only played other two matches that day! Where did it all go wrong???

So what do we do? Well, submit a formal complaint to the organizers and DEMAND that we be handed the cup??? Something tells me that even if the organizers wanted to hand us the cup, they would have rather a hard job getting it back from the Fukuoka boys!!!! Victory parade in the Celtic Heart tonight boys?!! EVERYBODY, PLEASE COME AND CELEBRATE WITH US!

Anyway, regarding celebrations of Boy Kaoru tonight (which are now a distant second!), I know people are tight for cash and whatnot. So, I'm just going to say that I will be in the Celtic Heart from about 9pm onwards. No nomihodai or anything. (I'll already be suitably plastered by then).

Watch out Sagan Tosu, Saga have a real time that win.