biking to school

I work at Arita Technical High School twice a week, so anytime the weather is at all nice, that is not pouring rain, I bike the seventeen kilometers to school. Usually it's about the nicest bike ride you can do as it is all country roads with very little traffic and only a couple hills. Today, however, the wind was whipping through the valley right into my face. For non-bikers you'd think that the worst possible biking conditions would be rain, right? Rain sucks, there's no doubt about that, the road is a bit slicker and you're getting all wet, but if you have a pair of glasses on and fenders, it's not so bad. Wind in your face, although it doesn't seem so bad, is psychologically damaging as it slows you down even on the hills and forces you to peddle twice as hard to go half as fast.

Wind on your back, and the gods have blessed you.

That being said, there's nothing like a long bike ride to work. It gives you time to think about your day or random thoughts, and, if you are biking through the countryside, it really brings you into nature. The fields, the birds, the sounds, the wind. Ahhh. A great way to start any day. Give it a try sometime.

Looks like the wheat is just about ready to be harvested. Am I the only one who would just love to be able to lie on the tops of a gently swaying wheat field?

This has got to be some of the finest weather of the year and it looks like it'll be like this at least another week. Make the most of it, before the rainy season sets in!