Dear Senator Voinovich

I am disgusted at the cowardice and irresponsibility you displayed on the Senate Foreign Relations committee.

Why didn't you vote your conscience when you had the chance to stop Bolton in his tracks? Why Why WHY did you send the vote to the floor of the Senate? How dare you have the audacity to produce tears on the Senate floor, imploring your Senate colleagues to vote your conscience for you!

Shame on you, you spineless little little man. I'm ashamed you are from Ohio.

In a time when people are thirsty for true leadership, people are craving the chance to vote for a candidate with strong convictions and positions, regardless of party. And they are willing to give their vote to that candidate even if it's a vote for the other side. Considering that Ohio is split 50/50, Republican/Democrat, you just committed political suicide. And you just showed the nation how yellow you are. You just showed the nation that you will cave in to Republican pressure rather than voting your conscience. We now know where your loyalties are--a man who will sell himself out is surely a man who will let down his constituents.

I'd much rather vote for a man with convictions and loyalty to those convictions, even if I disagree with him. I eat chicken for dinner--not vote one into leadership.

Kimberly Vlach
Eastlake, Ohio