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my name is greg macke and i am currently living in hamatama and working as a private english teacher. how did i get here, you might be asking. an explanation is in order.

i graduated in may of 1990 from jackson senior high school and enrolled in southeast missouri state university and started my studies. i decided to study abroad and moved to london, england in january of 1991. two days before i left george bush the 41st declared war on iraq. i arrived at heathrow airport having just finished my first flight ever to see soldiers standing guard with machine guns and tanks ready to fire. i returned to missouri in may of 1991, stayed at southeast for another year and then dropped out a few hours shy of being a junior and started over as a freshman at st. john's college in santa fe, new mexico. london blew my mind and i wanted to study the great books of western civilization. i matriculated in august of 1992 and completed my first year at sjc having read a lot of plato and aristotle to return to missouri for the summer just in time to witness the great flood of 1993. the mississippi it's said was two miles across in parts. i returned to sjc for the '93-'94 school year and read a lot of romans. this would have been my senior year at any other university. at the end of that school year i moved to nyc and lived on 8th floor in loft apartment, for free i might add, with my russian roommate who came over with the moonies, that is sung yung moon's cult from korea. that is another story. maybe later. while riding the subway reading don quixote i decided to drop out of sjc for a year. i moved back to missouri and then to albuquerque, new mexico. at the start of the 1995 school year i re-enrolled and studied more modern stuff. i did mental push-ups with immanuel kant. the summer of 1996 i moved to seattle, washington. the start of the 1996 school year was my senior year at sjc. i graduated in may of 1997 and in october of that year i moved to inchon, south, korea to teach english. it was a very bad time in korea and southeast asia at that time and after watching my pay lose more than half it's value and a visit from a soul brother and college roommate, i decided to visit japan in december of 1997. chris allison was living in kitahata and invited me down for christmas. i fell in love with the area as soon as i got here. i left korea in february because the economic meltdown and applied for the j.e.t. program. i wrote down karatsu, got it, and i returned to japan in july of 1998. the people i met at that time were wonderful. working for karatsu sucked and for reasons that might be touched upon later, but not now. i left the country in july 2000 completely burnt out only to return to the states to see the other george bush elected to the presidency four months later, me moving to chapel hill, north carolina five months after the election and then another five months after that watching in total horror as the world trade center collapsed. this was september of 2001. the curse of the collapsing economy followed me. there were no jobs in that area and i wanted to go to grad school. so i decided to leave in feb. of 2002 and drive a tractor trailer. my step-dad is a truck driver so i am familiar with that life. everything was cool until they asked me for my driving record in japan. i couldn't get it. it just so happened that a friend from japan called me and asked if i wanted a job teaching english. i said no at first but than thought what the hell. so in march of 2003 i returned for the third time to japan. and may 3, 2005, i married one ms. kumiko nakayama. which is where this story starts. i'll continue tomorrow.