flog the bog

new approach. i'll try to shoot off little blurbs when possible.

thoughts before taking my hour long walk through a 400 year old pine forest that looks like a large bonsai park: i love hearing the cicadas and watching the crows glide from limb to limb. i hate the fact that there is one person out there who always throws his green tea bottle and lucky strike cigarettes pack on the forest floor because he knows that someone else will pick it up. this is a fine example of wagamama and amae. wagamama is spoiled behaviour and amae is an untranslatable word that can be translatable to "dependency wishes." it comes from amaeru. time to to recommend a few books: "keys to the japanese heart and soul" (kodansha bilingual text) and takeo doi's "the anatomy of dependence." great stuff. has opened many doors to japan that i would not have been able to open if i hadn't read them.ok. and haruki murakami. anything by him. and i recently discovered kobo abe. i saw "tannin no kao" and "sunna no onna." fantastic movies based on his books. i don't know how the books could better but i assume they are. he wrote the screenplays. sunna no onna i think won an oscar or something in 1964. fucking brilliant. but tannin no kao is amazing. the cinematography is...watch it. watch them both. i also recommend "jazz daimyo (if you like the singing and dancing from beat takashi's zatoichi then you'll like this)," "east meets west" (a japanese western), cha no aji, same hada to momo shiri onna and party seven are all by the same director. also great stuff.

gotta walk.


i wrote something lost it went home to shower came back forgot my money and water went back home now i am here gonna write.

good things about walking on beach and in a pine forest:

-jellyfish. when they beach they do it together and towards the end of summer. you can see little pink blobs of jelly everywhere.

-octopi. they also beach in droves and at the same time but not so jelly-like.

-blowfish. tons of baby blow fish at once. when i find them in the pine forest it's like finding a ruby. a true treasure.

-sandglass. hardened pieces of the sea.

-black sand under the brown. remnants of old lava.

-phosphoresent algae. one of my favorite memories. if you go for a midnight swim in karatsu and run your hand through the water it's like making your own milky way. one of my favorite memories happened mid-february with pete waller, an old british alt. we went down to the middle of the pine forest to a place that no longer exists called happy gate. the forest was pitch-black cold and we could hear the muffled waves in the trees. when we came out on the beach we saw the the waves break and glow a lightning bug green. we stood there a long time saying nothing.

-sound of the waves. puts me at ease.

-seashells. cool math.

-driftwood. bone-dry wet things.

-whale carcasses. found one once. could have been a dolphin but there was no fin. smelled like the sea.

-smell of the sea. salt on my lips.

- spider webs. when the light hits them right they look like rainbows. cool math.

-lizards. true sun bathers.

-tiny plants that grow on pine trees. don't know the name but i like them.

-light in the pine forest. the prettiest green you can imagine.

-dragonflies. butterflies. what is it like to have pretty wings?


work is over. time to write.

how to get married in japan:

fall in love.

ask her to marry you.

file a sworn affidavit of competency to marry affirming she is legally free to marry you.

translate it into english.

go to your local embassy and pay $30 to have it notarized.

have your fiance fill out a government form called koin-todoke. it must be signed by two witnesses and translated into english.

get a copy of the famiy registry and translate it into english.

go to the municipal office and get a "certificate of acceptance of notification of marriage" for 350y. this is your only proof of marriage. you can buy a pretty official copy for 1500y.

give your wife a kiss. you are now married. but you can't live together in the u.s.

you've got to wait until tomorrow to find out how to do that.