flog the dog

8:30. work is finished.

why did my nephew join the marines? good question. mostly because he is eighteen and you can't tell an eighteen year old what they can and cannot do. it's like asking steve mcqueen, harvey keitel, ted williams, roberto clemente, rod carew, gene hackman, drew carey and john glenn why they joined the marines. some people got it in them and others don't. it's his first adult decision. i gotta respect it. it's better than heroin, you know. no matter what, when he looks back on his life he can say, i mother fucking did it. he's gonna be one of the bad asses. when i was his age i chose not to serve. i didn't want anyone telling me what to do. he's willing and he doesn't think he's ready for college. i think it'll be good for him. i wish he had joined the navy. but he wanted to do it his way. his style. his path. and to each his own. stay close to the ground is all i gotta say.

gotta go. my wife just called. she is waiting to eat with me. maybe i can write more tomorrow. or after dinner.