flog the hog

just got off work. it's now 10:51. gotta go to go to inakamon, my boss's place to talk about "da bidness." i gotta show my face. make an appearance. dazzle them. i am so tired.

got up at 6:30 cuz that's when kumiko got up. actually i laid in bed until 7:00, then i got up. went downstairs. said hello to my mother-in-law. ate toast and a salad for breakfast. drank coffe. kumiko left to go to work. she works at the chinese consulate in fukuoka but is quitting soon to go to america. everyone knows her husband is american but they are polite enough to not mention it. ah, americans. anyway, left the house. came to my other house. long story. went for my hour long walk. got back. checked the computer. drank coffee. started the day with a call to the american consulate in tokyo. waited 20 minutes with classiccal music and hung up. by the way, it costs me $16.00 each time i want to talk to someone about visa stuff. kumiko's visa. and an extra $8.00 for over six minutes up to a total of eighteen minutes and one million dollars. not a million dollars. anyway, noone answered. called my mom. mom, i need ray's (my step-dad) birth certificate and my birth certificate and your taxe transcripts for the last three years. and dad's too. and i need some shit notarized. send it a.s.a.p. i gotta get it all out and up to tokyo so kumiko can set up an appointment for the physical and the interview. can you do it? thanks love you mom. i call dad. say the same thing. call my brother. make sure mom and dad do all this. thanks, man. call my nephew (who is really my second-cousin but my cousin is like my sister so....) cuz he graduated this past weekend and then set off for bootcamp this morning. he joined the marines. i called him at the hotel. stay close to the ground, i said. and good luck. called the american embassy again. i am so sick of that fucking song now. and what is really annoying is that it stops in the middle and starts over. play the fucker through goddammit! i don't wanna hear it but if your gonna make me hear it then play it all the way through. fuck. i stink. i go home to shower because i dont have hot water here because i had to suddenly move at the end of last month and not everything is set up yet. get home (where?), shower and eat lunch with my japanese nephew. he is one and a half. he calls me goo-goo. close enough. your cute and i like you, kid. i fucking goo-goo. really. i am. finish lunch and go back to my other home (where?) to call the embassy again. still the same fucking song. gotta start work. luckily i had a lot of turnover in april so some time is freed up. i start looking for jobs. first the government. i must be mad. i wanna work for them? fuck it. look at another place. nothing. no responses. i did get a rejection slip in the mail in the states today. at least it is a response. so i shift gears and start looking at alternative schools. find a couple interesting things. go through the rigamarole of filling out my account stuff and then having to rewrite my cover letter and resume. decide to call the embassy again. same song. gotta start work. work. finish. gotta write the blog. finish.