flog the log

my apologies for not posting yesterday.

kumiko and went to an open house in karatsu. karatsu is rebuilding a "gendai wafu" (modern japanese) house built around 1905. it was the first house in the area with electricity and it has it's own noh theater. ye-ah. the owner was a miner in karatsu and his hobby was noh. the stage is in the house and has a large bowl-like construction built underneath so that the sound reverberates better. he had the masters of noh come down from kyoto and teach him. the house should be finished in a few months. it's going to be amazing.

after that we ate, i took a nap, then i came to my apartment to work on resumes and applications. i was getting ready to write when i got a phone call from one of my old junior high school students, yoshi maeda, who was having a birthday party for both him and his sister. their birthdays are almost on the same day. his dad, sou-sensei, owns the famous dairin sui-gyoza restaurant in karatsu and introduced kumiko and i to one another. kumiko is a friend of the family and learned chinese from sou-sensei and she went with the family to china. i used to get rip-roaring drunk with sou-sensei and some old alts. the man throws down. it's dangerous. last night was mellow, though. no hangovers. but we stayed up until 2:00 drinking. i got home, took a bath, and proceeded to crash hard.

so yeah, no writing.

today i returned to sui-gyoza with sean, uyen, liam, and sean's parents to eat lunch. good people. sean's dad has made me want to read james dickey. he wrote the novel, "deliverance." yes, it was a novel before it was a movie. and he is going to send me a bunch of redneck jokes. a good man, i think.

i have to do more work. maybe i'll get back later. maybe not. if i don't, it's been fun. take care and enjoy japan.


last entry.

keizoku wa chikaranari.

to continue makes power.

this is a literal translation.

maybe in english it is something more like this:

to begin is easy; to continue is difficult.

i hope all who are reading this will continue to be enamored with japan.

long may you run.

take care,