flog the smog


i'm drinking my gold asahi hop o shu watching my friday night japanese tv show. it's a great. it's really polite and correct nihongo. very necessary.

a strange thing happened this morning. kumiko told me i was talking in my sleep last night. i am not a sleep talker. but what makes it really strange is that she told me i was speaking japanese. when i asked her what i was saying she said she didn't know. you don't know? you heard me, right? yeah, she said, but i was listening in english.

ba dum bum.

paperwork. you know brazil, right? the terry gilliam movie, not the country. it feels like the paper death scene of harry tuttle. you know the one where robert deniro disappears in the paperwork? yup, i am the terrorist harry tuttle fixing people's inefficient air conditioners doomed to death by paperwork.