How To Disguise Exercise

Last night, I decided to act upon one of Jeff’s blogs. I checked out Jeff’s recommended website and articles. And I went out and did four minutes of interval training or windsprints (despite not talking to my doctor). Oh. My. God. I died after two minutes. (Of course, I didn’t really die. That is an exaggeration, you know. I hope it is obvious that had I actually died, I wouldn’t be writing this.)

I started thinking about when I was a kid. I could spend all of recess on the playground playing chase—which was constant fast running followed by walking/resting. And that was FUN!!!! I think if I were playing chase now, I could definitely go longer than four minutes. If only we adults can go back to playing games—then it wouldn’t feel like exercise!

Anyone up for a game of chase? Maybe we can start a “Chase League”? Have a Kyushu Cup?