Last Words

You know how each time we celebrate a birthday, the number we become never feels any different than the number we were. 26 feels no different than 25; 27 feels no different than 26; 28 feels no different than 27; 29 feels no different than 28. Well, let me share with you: 30 is very much different than 29.

There is something very empowering, but wholly peaceful, about being an age that begins with the number 3. Being 30 is proof that you survived the 20s. And with that, there is a legitimacy given to the 30th decade that even the 29th year can’t imitate.

I say this without condescension or patronization, but for those of you who see 30 as the end of life, I promise you it is just the beginning. As someone said to me on my 30th birthday, “Welcome to our world,” I understood about two months later that this is indeed a different world than the one I lived in three months before.

On that note, thanks for tuning in this past week. I had a lot of fun writing and watching the dialogs unfold. If you are traveling during Golden Week, have fun and be safe. If you are sticking around, like me, I hope to “see you” on this site. Am looking forward to reading Jeff’s blogs!