Wedding vs. Marriage

Here’s a fairy tale: Girl meets boy. But boy has a girlfriend of seven years. Girl flirts with boy. Boy flirts with girl. Boy and girl drink. Day after day after day, they drink, drink, drink. Girlfriend finds out. Girlfriend then finds boy and girl in bed together. Girlfriend threatens suicide. Boy goes back with girlfriend. Girl is broken-hearted. Girl manipulates her way back into boy’s life. Day after day, together, they drink, drink, drink. Girlfriend gets kicked to the curb. Girl wins! Boy proposes to girl. And they live happily…ever…after?

Yesterday, I went to the wedding. It was the most over-the-top affair I’d ever seen—I never thought some of the Jewish weddings I’ve been to could have been outdone! It was absolutely ridiculous with five dress changes, three cameramen, three photographers, sparklers and video effects, and of course, an MC! It made me wonder throughout the entire affair which was more important—the wedding or the marriage?

My favorite part: in the couple’s profile in the wedding pamphlet, the question was “What is your favorite memory together?” Both of their separate answers: drinking together.

How sad is that?

Actually, since I could really care less, what makes me so sad, is that I gave my 20,000 yen, and you know what the stupid gift was? A steak. I kid you not. I don’t even eat beef. ….Where’s my set of plates???? I want my money back! Hmph.