Where the hell have you been?

Kim's earlier post made me think of two recent emails that I have gotten from two, very different, friends. Sort of like that book Oh, the Things You'll Do that everyone gives everyone else on graduations and such things:

"Just a quick hola from Spain. Great to be travelling again. In Madrid now, suffering from a nasty sangria hangover. Spent our first two days in Bilbao which is a fantastic city. Madrid is cool and has great night life and museums but Bilbao, especially the old town, was amazing. Highly recommend it. Going off to Toledo tomorrow and then down to Andulasia where we┬┤ll spend most of our time. Gonna do a weeks work on an organic farm near Granada to save some cash."

Bastard. Not gonna lie. That's was what I thought.... There might be some jealosy there....

The second, I paraphrase:
"Been busy. Just bought a bank. Its a small one. But it has nice furniture."

Poor bastard (not literally, of course, seeing as he bought a bank). That was my thought with that one. (BTW, this is no joke. How he ended up with a bank I have no idea.)

I find these to be kinda funny because I guess the only thing that I can tell you about the places that I'll go is: I'll go out the door(on my ass) of my house in Karatsu on July 27th. After that all that is left is that giant sucking sound you hear coming at you... yeah, that's reality.