About Last Night

So today is non-burnable, throw out the whole kitchen sink, day. I love this day, but I think that my entire time in Japan I have never actuallly managed to throw anything out on this day. You see, I am a big fan of the midnight covienence store trash and run plan. But there are somethings that the convienie runs just can't handle due to size constraits and material make-up of the to-be thrown away items.
For a while, I would just hide inappropriate stuff deep down in the usual trash day stuff, which usually worked out ok for me. But, then, one time, a local oba-chan busted my ass by rooting through my garbage (for some still unexplained reason). So I have been gun shy about that tactic for a while.

I finally decided to hit the right garbage day at the right time. So last night I packed up that old broken fan that never worked from the time that I arrived, my predessor's old shoes that he so gratiously left for me, that blender that broke that time the margarita night got a little out of control, the CD burner that burnt one to many CDs and developed a tendancy to smoke, half of my wardrobe that I had intended to give to charity but the elusive search for Hillary (with the orphanage connection) never panned out, a jar of something that had been in my refridgerator way too long, what was left of my predecessor's attempt to build a working fireplace in my apartment, about a million useless papers that I am sure I will regret throwing away because I will need one of them desperately one day soon, an heinously ugly lamp, and these weird hello kitty candle holders (whos arrival in my house I never understood, but who managed to make a home with me for over 2 years).

Overall, a very clensing experience. I suggest that everyone throw some crap away on the right day at some point in Japan.