and it was good...

Well well. The time so many of you have been waiting, hoping and dreaming of has finally and unexpectedly arrived. I'd never thought of doing a blog, but there was something different in the pleading and begging coming from Matt. After about 30 minutes of Matt in front of me on his knees, I'd had enough. The decision was made. If the masses wanted a week in the life of Richard, I shall give it to them. The philanthropy coarsed through my veins just a little faster as I said unto him the words he so longed to hear. It was a truely exilerating moment...much like the one you are probably having now.

For the next week you are going to be treated to the pondering of an award winning* writer. You will be taunted, prodded, challenged and inspired...and that's just going to be the comments section. If you don't experience any of this you should seek immediate medical's highly likely you are dead.

It's anyones' guess what subjects I'll cover, what topics I'll delve into, what parts of my life I'll share. But I make this promise to you...the overriding theme will always

So sit back and enjoy the ride. Ladies and gentlemen I give you, myself.

*winner of Merrin Primary School "Poster Competition" 1985.