Can we have a new word please?

A few days ago I went to the toilet. (I'm probably due a visit soon again now that I think of it. Eternal thanks to Lee for reminding us of the importance of have regular emptying sessions.
A pee in time .. and all that.. )
As I was saying, I went to the toilet perhaps three days ago and happened upon the equivilant of rush-hour in toiletary terms. The place was choc-a-block. For a toilet, this particular time must be how a bartender feels as Saturday night approaches.
Ladies arrive, deposit, wash, flick, fix, pout, depart in their droves.

What do they say to each other but "otsukarasama".
This I thought to be hilarious.
Obviously they're commending each other's teaching efforts, but within the confines of the toilet it took on a completely different interpretation.
Thank you for peeing so well.
The work of your splincter muscle and bladder is of great help to the school.
You are a wonderful squatter so please continue with this talent.
I thank you for adding to our sceptic tank deposits.
The sound of water on water, is something i appreciate and I thank you.

Come on, is there nothing else that they could possibly say to each other?
Let's have a big think and see if we can come up with some other phrase, which takes into account noteworthy toilet activities, perhaps referencing style, efficiency, noise-control or lack thereof, hygiene......