Could I be on something without realising?

"Aine-sensei, come to third period class ni-no go" says she.
"righteo, sensei. Third period. Gottcha. What wonderous grammatical point will we be making love to today sensei?"
" 'Are you going to nan-to-ka, nan-toka?' "
"OH! That's my favourite! I am going to love this lesson sensei. Get it? I am going to...."
"Are you feeling ok Aine-sensei?"

Little did she realise how apt her closing statement was, as I seem to be having one of those days. I'm feeling a little bewildered. I got all confused about this going to third period for the final twenty minutes malarky. it was one of those where-am-i-?-am-i-in-japan-?-is-this-my-hand-?-oh-my-God-i'm-a-priest moments. I feel a wee bit silly, or drunk if you will (Let me just explain that I'm NOT drunk and haven't been for approximately one week).

I went to her class for the twenty remaining minutes like she requested.
Gigantic love of english spread all over my face.
She's drilling something or other so I make a quiet entrance.
"Aine-sensei , third period."
"erm....yea.....third period. "
"Third period."
Raied eyebrows from me.
"this is second period"
"Right you are Missus. How right you are. I'll go shall I?"
"Please do"

Anyone else feeling the weird slightly psychadelic groove this morning?