The Idea Man

So here I am "working" my way through my monday morning on the computer. Yes, I know that you may say, "Oh, its Matt again. Boo. I thought other people were supposed to write on this blog, too!" And you would be right. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it now, so I am offically making this my last week writing on this blog. I hope you enjoy, as there will be more information to come regarding this blog's future as the week progresses.

Now, onto something else.

Anyone ever wonder why Ichiro goes by his first name instead of his last, "Suzuki"? Turns out that Ichiro first played for a baseball team in Kobe under a really old fashioned baseball coach that didn't believe in promoting new players. So, even though Ichiro was the best minor league player his first year in the majors, he refused to promote Suzuki to the majors. Fortunately, after his second professional year, the Lions hired a very different coach that immediately put Susuki into the starting line up as his first offical act as head coach. The thing is that his team was also pretty poor. So, when Suzuki became the league MVP his first year, he decided to try and distinguish his new star from all the other Suzukis in the league by simply calling him Ichiro. Turns out that Ichiro never really liked the advertising stunt, but then all the endorsement deals started rolling in, and he gave up on trying to resist the change; making both he and his team a lot of money in the process. And there you have it...

Now, a query for you:
I am trying to do some research on high school baseball in Japan. And, specifically, if there are any really historic or dark horse stories of teams coming from no-where to win the high school championship in Osaka. If you can shed any light on this, then please leave a comment or drop me a note.

Until later,