Join me!

Join me my brothers and sister! Join me up in arms against the great evil. Join me in my boycott of American remakes of fucking cool Asian films!

I'm no fundy, but this is some serious, ill tasting shit. RecentlyAsian cinema has been going through a renaissance of sorts. While great films have been made here for years, I have found that thecurrent crop is golden. And Hollywood, that cesspit of evil, has realised this and is now going about remaking every film they can get their hands on. Now, remakes can be good, when you take some old film,update is almost an adaptation. The best example being "A Fistful of Dollars" and "Yojimbo", 2 perfect, wonderful films, 2 of the best films ever made in fact, feeding off each other to create and even more beautiful thing in their union.

But Hollywood is not doing this. Instead they are taking what they can from it, diluting it, repackaging it sexily for an American audience which is too lazy/stupid/illiterate to read subtitles, paying no respect for the original. The horror, the horror.

This has happened before. In the 80s and 90s it was French films that were remade, films you would have never thought were French, such as"The Bird Cage", or "Three men and a little baby", or that Bridget Fonda assassin film, and don't get me started on Richard Gere in"Breathless"....(how? why? this is pretty much proof that there is no god, how could he have allowed a remake of "A bout de souffle" with RICHARD TIFFANY FUCKING GERE).....but i was too young then....

So stand with me now against this new horror. Already "The Ring", "The Grudge", "Dark Water" have been remade, and many more are in line.We are facing remakes of "Oldboy", "Kiki's Delivery Service","Infernal Affairs" (this boycott will involve missing a film made by Scorsese, painful I know, but he should never have agreed), "My sassy girl" and I'm sure many many more

Boycott them all!

Secret Seb

(just want to add that they have also remade the French film "L'Appartement", calling it "Wicker Park". Avoid this or go to hell, the nasty Catholic one........I mean, film aside, the arrogance of thinking that any woman could look as good as Monica Bellucci in her prime is astounding)