Let's enjoy!

Take a moment all to look at the time this was posted. That's right 8am...and I'm at school. Once you recover from that shock let's. What, prey tell, is the reason for your insanely early arrival Richard? Well last night I was invited to a teacher's house to enjoy sake and meet his wife properly. You see this is one of the teachers that I befriended. Some people wonder how to get non-JTEs talking to you...the answer-talk to them. That's the method I've used and it's worked rather well. It was kind of a funny story. I was in the staff room and most teachers had gone somewhere. He walked past...I said "namae wa?" and gestured towards him. He mistook this as "mae ni" I think, as he promptly sat down in front of me. From that day on we spoke most days, him practicing his English and me practicing talking to someone. And just to make an already heartwarming story more so, last May I attended his wedding. Take another moment people.

(Am being constantly interrupted by people asking why I'm here so early).

So anyway off we trotted to his house after school. So sometimes I realise how much Japan has changed me. I caught myself bowing on the phone the other day. I find myself waving to people that are 2 metres away from me! It doesn't help that everyone does this. The captain of the rugby team even...could you imagine at home. I spent about 15 mins deciding what to take to his house from a selection that was all pretty much the same stuff. Even things like choosing what kind of snack to take there on the way home. He's showing stuff, I'm umm-ing and ahhh-ing. Gosh, it's such an important decision. Wife on the phone "does Richard like cake?" me sucking in breath and thinking about it..."hmm yes, yes I do." "Do you like fish boiled or grilled?", "hmm well what do you like? hmm well I'm ok with either way". The fact that they live with his parents and will do so indefinetely. Of course, makes sense.

There are somethings that I still find different. That men do nothing at home is one. After dinner we just left the table and his wife and mother started to clear and wash, then father comes home and they start preparing all again. The men do nothing. In fact it was even commented that teacher can't do anything...big smile from him, wife has a little chuckle and mother's expression was one of bemused acceptance, as she had nothing to do with this! Reminded me of being at a friends place and him asking me if I wanted something to drink and then screaming "mizu" to mother in the kitchen and getting "hai" in response. Yelling "get me some water" at my mother would elicit a rather different reaction.

Anyway it was a good night, and this morning I had rice with raw egg and miso soup. And was at school at 8.