Life in Your Hands

" Oh, get off it sister. I don't need a saviour and I have been doing damn fine."
" Considering your circumstances you might need one but I don't."

Really Now?

So you have the right friends, you are qualified, you are happy, you have a significant other, you don't have a significant other. It's me, myself and I and loving it.
What ever your situation your life is in your hands and you don't mind it so far. Right?

But consider how much better your life would be if were in God's hands. How much better would it be you ask?

Well for one, you wouldn't have to worry because God says " I know the plans i have for you." Then again you wouldn't have to consider what to do next in life because God says, " Cast your cares upon me."

Then again you wouldn't have to worry about what to eat, where to study, what to do after Japan, how to make ends meet, because God says, " I will supply all your needs."

Sometimes friends forsake us, lovers come and go, relatives are lost through death or other tragedies, families separate, people divorce and lives are torn apart but God says " I will never leave you nor forsake you."

Can you stand to be loved like this?

See you tomorrow.