The Need for a Saviour.

The internet is a place for everything and as many of us struggle to grasp what is presently happening in our world and seek to define and explain our purpose. We need to consider these questions:
1. Do you believe in joy?
2. Do you believe in forgiveness?
3.. Do you believe in eternal life?
4. Do you believe in God?
5. Do you have a spiritual plan for your life?
You might not even have a plan- muchless a spiritual plan. But it's important to examine this aspect of your humnaness.
The internet provides many information . It can also help you to answer the questions you have and explain why you have that ' empytness ' inside that nothing can fill.
Not girls or guys for that matter or food or money or shopping or sexual pleasures or music. Nothing can satisfy the urging you feel and then nobody fully understands when you try to explain.

You my friend are in search of the one thing that can give us peace, contentment and satisfaction.GOD.
Ok, you don't have to admit it if you don't want to , but ultimately, that is what you seek.

We will talk about this in greater detail in the week to come.
But where are you on this journey? Are you searching for you purpose? If so what answers have you received so far. No , i not a preacher , nor am i an evangelist. I am just an ordinary woman whose life has been impacted
by God and this week if you continue to read i will share with you how.......
Even if you don't care to know
i will share with you anyhow....
see you tomorrow...