Spiritual Pudding

Coming from Kim's earlier post on spirtual pudding... I am not a religious person, but I have recently begun practicing Tai Chi. While reading about Tai Chi this weekend I thought this quote pertinant:
Phychologists and other concerned with mental and spiritual health maintain that a ridgid attitude of mind stems from fear of life --of people, of new experiences, and of what the future may hold. Moreover, they suggest that a negative and fearful attitude toward life brings negative results. For example, if we believe we are going to be sick, before too long we achieve the result that our mind was seeking. Many thinkers on this subject hold that the mind plays a leading role in health, general well-being, and sucess in life. If we wish positive results in our lives, we must begin to think positively.

To carry this a step further, some suggest it is both realistic and beneficial to believe that we are part of a greater force or spirit which works through us. We are not alone. If we could but open ourselves to the working of the spiritual force, the range of life's possibilities would broaden. to work for, and gradually to achieve, a relaxed state of mind in Tai Chi serves ideally to prepare the ground for this kind of spiritual opening up.

From Tai Chi Handbook by Herman Kauz

Have a great weekend!