Well to start today's interesting blog I just thought I'd thank all of you who have emailed, called and faxed me acclamations for my work so far. It's been a gruelling, rough few days so thank you.
Anyway. Today I had plans to talk about my night last night. But since that was postponed until tonight you will have to all wait. NB: the thing I was going to do was postponed...not the night itself.

So I'm sitting in school at the computer next to my Kyoto sensei who has the most resonating voice I've ever heard. Regardless of the location of the person he's talking to be they on the phone, next to him, at another school...same volume. Fascinating. So as I said, I'm in front of my computer, like any self-respecting ALT and I stumbled across this little gem. Don't ask me how. Basically it's a website where people send in video clips of them crying while eating. Next to the clip is the reason why they are crying such as "his conjoined twin didn't make it" or "shameful mistreatment of animals". Even a person from NZ is on there... which means I can't make some "only-in-America" style comment, oh what the hell, I'm going to anyway-only in America would this sort of thing exist. Have a look. Ironically it's called

On to other things. Now if you're like me...sorry if you're trying to be like me you'll be as tiree as I am of listening to people ramble on about how western civilisation is corrupt, bloated and a capitalistic, self-obsessed evil empire, while sitting in some air-conditioned office doing nothing about it. But you have to worry when some G-grade celebrity by the name of Paula Abdul, gets a bee in her bonnet and tells California lawmakers to "crack down" on nail salon hygiene. Apparently she has been in pain for a year from a manicure. In my vast experience of dealing with people like this I would say if that were true we would have heard about it a lot earlier!

So that dear readers is all for now. I have to read the newspaper in anticipation of...marking tests!