That aint Gucci!

I have few words on wardrobe today...

The Suspention of the Eye Sight.
What's up with the whole "kids changing in the hallway thing?" Anyone noticed the utter amount of unfettered skin that pervades the hallways before and after classes going to PE class. The boys change in the hallway, where all the girls pretend not to look, but secretly do. The girls change in the classrooms, which one might think is better except for the fact that all the windows for the classrooms are clear and lookout over the other half of the school (namely the teacher room). --Not that I have noticed this, mind you-- I only ask because 1)It seems odd that there can be this much willful ignorance of public nudity and 2)You would think that it would cause problems (you know with hormonal teenagers and all). But to tell the truth, in all my time here I have never heard of that particular problem percolating its way all the way to the ears of the resident ALT. Hmmmm.... I wonder.

The Reality of the Funk.
And, speaking of clothes, I walked by one of my first year students today and he stank. Like really stank. Like get the funk away before I get nauseous. I guess I have never wondered this until recently, and I know that those uniforms must be expensive, but how many of the damned uniforms are the students required to buy? It has got to be more than one. But, then again, how do you force a poor family to by a uniform to school? Honestly, though. This kid smelled so bad that I would have informed someone administrative figure if I had been back home about neglect or something.

The Illusion of Control.
And, last, have you ever taken notice of all the intriguing ways that the kids have come up with to give themselves some individualism while still having to conform to the Borg like, I mean Japanese, uniform system? Pretty good stuff, not that it isn't done in a totally Japanese way. The latest thing at one of my schools recently was tying things in their hair. Started with one boy in 11 grade and quickly speak like wild fire throughout the rest of the school. By the time that the teachers had had their first meetings about it, the 12th graders had moved onto painting their shoes and the 10 graders had begun painting their Jacket buttons different colors. This week, everyone seems to have calmed down, but I have noticed a suspicious amount of counterfeit uniforms walking around that I may have to bring up at the next morning teacher meeting. Then I could have the satisfaction of watching the teachers try to stop something again over which that have absolutely no control. Maybe they could cancel class and have an assembly like when one of the students get got by a car while riding on the sidewalk and they told all the students to "be more careful."