Why do i need a saviour?

Well that's a good question. If not a saviour then what do you need? It is fooolish to believe that any one individual has the answers to life questions and that the issues and concerns that plague us from day to day can be answered by books and intellect.
That's why the need for God is so important. I am not talking about a fire blowing, never for giving , harsh and prefect God. The God i speak of one who loves without questions.
Who cares without wanting pay back. Who considers you important enough to what to love you regardless of you past , whatever that past maybe.
Who will love you even when ;you think you are unlovable.
This God who can comfort and understand whatever pain or anger or resentment or bitterness that you might have.

Sure, I am not talking about you , its all in my head . Why? I can't be speaking to you because you are prefectly happy . You have actualized and you have qualified yourself and are happy with you.

We are so good at hiding that sometimes we don't even know ourselves. But God knows.
See you tomorrow. Have a blessed day.