4th Dimension

So I'm bored and still have access to the BLOG muuwaaahhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Anyways, as I sit here a couple hours past watching THE BIG LEBOWSKI and sipping white russians, my mind has once again wandered into that which most say is unknowable and beyond..."the 4th dimension" became my object of study for the evening (I know thats not exactly sexy, but hey...) So anyways anyone familiar with 3D objects that represent the 4th? As an example the Mobius strip:


Now obviously that's a very basic example, but yet sometimes the most simple things are the most dramatic. Pi, the Golden Mean, Pythagorean theorem, bubbles, the JET Programme..... :-)

See because the problem facing most mathematicians, quantum physisicts and the like is this: their mind.

Not because they are feeble minded but simply because: How can you prove a dimension that your senses simply wont allow you to see? You can postulize all you want, but eventually it comes down to trying to explain the color red to a man blind from birth. How do you do that? and even if you think you have...how do you confirm your theory?

You just can't....maybe, just maybe, that is what G-D is like, or at least the 4th dimension.

Ric, where are you?