I've been meaning to make a lisst of everything in Japan that is opposite/ backwards to the way things are in the West, moreso in the USA. Please contribute.

American society is much more individualistic, Japan is obviously the utmost example (at least historically) of a group oriented society. English is a low context language, Japanese is high-context. I wonder what the root of all this is?

Look at sports, while by far team sports like Football, Baseball and basketball are the most popular sports in the US, Japan, a society which sees individualism almost as a sin, has historically included in its sports judo, kendo, karate, sumo and the like, which are all individualistic.

They drive on the left, the turn signal comes AFTER the signal to go straight. They park rear first.

"lady first" was a foreign concept.

The language's grammatical structure is backwards to English, making Yoda so much more hilarious.

So many things..... it's amazing that cultures could evolve so opposite to each other and yet have both be equal in sophistication.

Okay, that s a short list...add your own! :-)