The dawn of a new era

Welcome all you loyal readers to the next chapter in blogging. This week, I shall stimulate, your minds, tickle your fancies, and wet your whistles! so sit back, relax and enjoy the show...

Right now, I'm watching the Wimbledon Men's final (so much more interesting than the women's) and it just started raining, so i had some time to write. I was just thinking watching the two players and how much changes with a half an inch. Its the difference from a serve in the net or an ace. Its the difference between a first place champion and 'who was that who lost to said champion?'. I cant help but think about how much is decided by complete chance. I mean, most people probably meet their spouses cuz they just happened to go this dance, or happened to get into that club. Many people get into a certain university (or dont) because they happened to get some questions they knew on a exam. Imagine if those were some slightly different questions, or if you happened to be tired and not feel like going out, or what not. Its such a strange thought, but what does it mean for a meaning to life?

For me, I need no "meaning" to my life. I happen to beleive in an interesting philosophy that Jeff P told me. I beleive that everything is determined by science, and if it were possible for us to freeze a moment in time and analyze the infinite physical properties of that moment, i believe that we could then predict the next moment, and the moment after that and so on. In essense, I guess that my belief is in ultimate predestination not only of our lives but of all things living and otherwise, and not from a godly perspective (a divine being deciding my fate), but instead as just being the nature of things. As such, I feel like that idea is just one to be accepted and in essense sidelined as we go about our day. For others though, do you beleive that principle? If so, how does that effect your outlook on things? If not, how can you reconcile what appears to be the breaking of physical laws that clearly govern our world? And finally, what does this mean from a moral perspective? does it mean we should do whatever we feel, given that the future really isnt in our hands?