I know i`m not Ric

I ought have put this up this before the previous post.
Yes, Ric, of the "Ric from up around Karatsu" fame will be sharing his South Carolina wisdom with us this week. (I hope. Do you hope too? Let`s hear it for Ric! )

I realise that I am not Ric but I was pondering any similarities there might be. Now, I don`t know Ric all that well, but I do know that his Parents are professional singers.
So, the Ric Schoonmaker-Aine Flynn correlation is this:
People pay to hear his parents sing.
People would pay to not hear my mother "sing". I have NEVER heard anyone personify the term "tonedeaf" as well as my Mother. The scene of her and her equally, if not more tonedeaf (not sure if that`s humanly possibly but she sounds AWFUL), twin, crucifying "Happy Birthday" will forever chase me through the paths of adulthood.

anyway, cue RIC!

(appaluse......clap clap..clap...trumpets....)