Ladies, Gentlemen, and leavers,

(lest I forever remain as a so-and-so in the annals of Saga JET, chapter 2003-2005, I am of course joking).

Hope you`re all selubrious.
It`s the summer holidays.
Should I say it again? I think I might,
It`s the summer holidays.
And, dear me I feel like a holiday after that closing ceremony. I am assured no "lady of the year" awards having sat slumped in my chair, shifting from left cheek to right cheek every five minutes or so, intermittant sighs.
( in my defense, I partook of some very enthusiastic clapping for the sports achievements. I like clapping so I do. I enjoy it so. And in this weather it`s a right old work-out).

So, following what might as well have been a funneral, I recalled, as I plodded back to the teachers` room, how, as a student myself, with the knell of the half twelve bell, there`d be whoops of joy, singing, tearing down coridoors, faliling arms, trampled text books, whose fall was broken by the greater falls of the unfortunate shy/quiet/unexpressive students. Lots of stealing of shoes, and assembling the aforementioned on the life-size statue of the Virgin Mary outside, egg fights, flour fights, wheeley bin races, jumping out of windows (etc, etc) and generally securing a good month`s detention once september came around again. But, who cared.

But these poor Japanese devils with their summer holiday homework, seven hour daily sports` session and matches in this heat.

WELL! I am one glad rady to be of irish descent.
Hail glorious st. Patrick and lazy summers.

Bon voyage to you all wherever you`re headed, and to all the leavers, wishing you every happiness and all the best in whatever path the road out of Japan leads to.