ode to others...

Hey fellow blogerifics! I dont know about you, but i had just a wonderful time last nite! Meeting a bunch of you for the first time (C+C in T, K-dawgy dog, anonymous...), and getting to sye by to all the leavers was really an awesome evening. I figured since most people post all about their own problems and all about thier own experiences, I wanted to give a little thank you and acknowledgement to someone else for a change. I will attempt to include everyone who has written for me, but i will forget many, so those people, please hold off tracking me down and beating the sh-t out of me, till July 23, the day after i go home to the states. thanks.

Josh, if it werent for you, many of the fascinating philosophical and spiritual gems of our world heritage would dissappear into nothing. its folks that you that keep the hope for the rest of us and preserve a higher optimistic thinking.

kim, you rock! and you know most all of "i will survive"! oh yeah, and youre smart too :-), and posts are 100 percent enteraining and interesting. I love it.

Jon, you boy J(ew)-boy dawwwwg!! I love how you pretty much always back me up in my argunements but manage to califry them 100 times, better with a tinge of flavor to em as well... Youre a smart dude.

Jeff, Ill miss you buddy, youre incredible even handed, dont take sides tude is always welcoming, opening and easy to talk to. Its been a super pleasure!

Taki, tell jeff i say hi.

Joe/joe's castle/god/eagles nest on joes castle/..., I have to say, i find it fascinating that Jesus doesnt beleive in his own dad? I understand youre anger in that he had you killed for all these low life sinners, and that a while back he smote the entire human race, but man, hes your dad, and hes the only one youve got.

C+C in T, I only wish i coulda met you folks a bit sooner. You seem like incredibly inteligent and kind people, and i feel like ive known you already from all the heresay jeff throws out. Youre posts though, always manage to shed light on a subject from a purely informative and enlightening stand point as opposed to the normal mud slinging...

anonymous. F--k you!

matt, thanks for setting this whole thing up! its always a good time checking it out!

silent readers- well, i dont youre there, but if you are, youre cool. yeah, something like that.

well, thats all the time i have for you today folks... im off to beppu till sunday, so ill post one last one sunday night. Oh and feel free to dabate this post all you want. Im sure amny of you will disagree that anonymous is such a jerk and will protect its right of free speech. Whatever, f-ck him. Peace!